Hi I am Justin Parker.

I get your filtered reviews in front of thousands of people daily. I implement email marketing systems that allow my clients to market to their customers 10 times more often for a fraction of the cost to acquire a new customer.

About Me.

 Are your You getting the Most from your Yelp Business Page? Do you overspend with Yelp at it is  because you do not understand how or what your ad money is actually doing on Yelp
Well I solve this problem for more business owners than you would imagine..
In Fact, I find Very Savvy Internet marketing PROS and entire Marketing departments (Even a lot of yelp sales reps themselves) Do not Fully understand what your ad dollar is  doing exactly.. I Do. And I can explain it in the simplest terms possible in under 5 minutes
one client last year I found was spending an extra 800 monthly and his ad was appearing right directly above His FREE listing.. needless to say, 9600 dollars saved later and his FREE listing does more for him than his paid ads ever DID (Wakefield auto body shop available by phone as a reference)
Another one in medofrd exact same thing, but this time his ad showed up when someone was looking for an oil change and NOT Auto Body (Which is WHAT HE DOES) and again, 10,200.00 later saved.. his FREE listing gets more business than ever & His website (He was spending another 900.00 a month on”SEO” that was actually setting his website back to page 3) We fixed that and saved him another 10 K annually and he gets more business now from Google than Yelp Facebook Combined & hisNew website shows up in the neighboring city and it never did before
(He Just bought another 10,000 square foot shop behind his existing  6,500 SQFT shop)
(He is another reference available, if I decide we are a good fit to work together,  Ill provide you with the two business above since they are NOT listed as reviews to keep their identity secret)

I have been working with local business since 1999 handling their marketing since I started working with Auto Trader .com handling marketing for New car dealers. I been doing VoIP Telecommunications consulting Since 2007 and Marketing Consulting since 05 with 2 successful startup companies I helped get off the ground, One VoIP telecom and one restaurant marketing. Since 2011, I have been SMB Marketing consulting helping hundreds of local Boston based companies save hundreds of thousands in redundant marketing fees.

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here is an example of a survey page we use to collect leads for your business & distribute reviews & stream them back into your homepage(Like you see below)

Get a $500 Dollar YouTube Video made with your best 5 star review on Yelp or Google. I will make a 60 second clip for YouTube and give you code to embed on your website and I will create a new banner on FaceBook using your video and even key your video description title and body to rank your business on YouTube to help your website rank by marketing your website with your website – Only 297.00 (save 200.00)

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