Get Your Best “Filtered” reviews In Front of everyone that visits your website Forever.

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Do you have any filtered reviews that show exactly how awesome you are BUT no one can see it because it is FILTERED OR  “currently not recommended”?

Well , I help solve this problem by turning those hidden 5 star testimonials about your company, and make them into a custom branded video, just for your website homepage, Google, YouTube & Facebook for a super low one time fee – to introduce my services to your business

Example Video






Typically  I sell these at $499 per video-customized for Your business with your logo & even a custom back drop image promoting just One amazing review, that sums up your business in a paragraph or less

Because I want to work with just a small handful of  New companies this month TO see first hand the power of YouTube & Social media used effectively, That is why I am offering this deal to TEN Companies this month.


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email marketing, reputation marketing

30 days 300+ Email/Text opt ins for a tiny restaurant


So, TEN Business, that I think will be a good fit to work together,.


Each one Will get this opportunity /offer as a one time war-crime.

You cant even buy a second video for this price if you wanted to.

This is No Fake “Scarcity”..

There is just not enough time to work with more than Ten people this month & continue to manage my current clients.

So I am going to make this special offer the First (10) Ten Businesses who will get 60% off – (1) ONE filtered review

(IT DOES Not Have TO be Filtered)

Made into a 60 second YouTube video clip that promotes your best review on the homepage of your website (Google, YouTube, Facebook) – and you completely own it for life – For A ONE Time payment of Only 197.00


(Usually completed 3-5 Days after receiving your Logo/Review)


Have Your Own Custom Commercial When People visit Your Website that tells them exactly who you are in 60 seconds or less, From a Recognized Thrid Party, building instant credibility…


Pm me now for details (1) ONE Video Review available per NEW Client at this discounted rate.


Here is an example that was put online yesterday and already is ranking on Google & ALL Over YouTube (Results Not Normal or Guaranteed in ANY WAY)

Reserve your spot here by sending 50% deposit ($100)to
PayPal : Also Send Images to this adress below:

Other $97 Due on Delivery Date

The $97 balance will be due upon completion

& when you are 100% happy with the final finished product.


I will also need just 3 things from you:
*good logo / image,
*a great image/pic of your store front or office or website etc… and
*just one real good review you want promoted everywhere that sums up exactly who you are and what you are all about as a business

If you need more info or just want to schedule a 15 minute call:


Connect with me on LinkedIn:

Example of branded a Video on a client Website that also shows up in Google searches under his Name as a Google Search result

Example of On Page Video(Auto-play Optional)


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